Learn all about OKRs to get your rollout right the first time

Running an OKR Pilot for EdTech Companies
How to run an OKR pilot for EdTech companies
Looking to adopt OKRs to manage your EdTech business's unprecedented growth? Turn your team into a highly aligned, radically focused Outcome Based engine with this quick to implement OKR Pilot Guide.
OKRs for Enterprises
OKRs for largescale enterprises
Not just for start-ups, OKRs drive business goals for enterprises too. We debunk the myths and show the reality behind implementing OKRs for enterprises.
KPIs vs OKRs - What's the difference?
KPIs vs OKRs
Learn about the fundamental differences between OKRs and KPIs, and how they work together.
Ultimate Guide on Executing Your Product Strategy
A guide to execute your product strategy
Demystify the challenges of OKRs for Product & Engineering teams
ABCs of OKRs - a basic guide to objectives and key results
Learn all about OKRs in under 10 mins and kick start your OKR implementation.
Demystifying OKR Implementations by answering FAQs
Get to know all about implementing OKRs with short & simple FAQs
How to successfully run an OKR pilot
Run a successful OKR pilot
A quick guide with first hand experiences on how OKRs and Leadership coaching go hand in hand.
A Manager's Guide : Working Remotely and Achieving Goals
Manager's guide to drive team performance while remote working
A treasure trove of tips and best practices to build a great goal culture, even as managers manage teams from a distance.
A CXOs Guide to Implementing OKRs
CXO's guide to implementing OKRs
A handbook for CXOs who have been considering or dabbling with OKR implementation. We give you all the ingredients to get OKR implementation right.
How to build Leadership effectiveness
Enhancing leadership capabilities with OKRs
Your quick guide to best practices on OKR Implementation to help you get it right, the first time
OKRs During Business Uncertainty
How OKRs can help you pull through during business uncertainty
Even in unprecedented times, achieve business outcomes by focusing on what matters most.
Transitioning from Archaic Practices to OKRs
Transition from archaic practices to OKRs for better team performance and productivity
Globally, CXOs are adopting OKRs to rally teams around what matters most to align, focus & prioritize to achieve unmatchable outcomes and re-energize performance practices.
OKR Pocketbook
Understand OKRs to transform team performance and achieve goals
Here's your quick know how of everything OKR.
Ultimate OKR Playbook for Digital Payments
OKR frameworks for teams in fintechs and in digital payments
The world of Digi-payment is experiencing unprecedented growth in the current times. Coupling growth strategy with a critical thinking framework will help them accelerate growth.
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