Build accountablity on metrics that matter

Align teams to to company outcomes 
Get your teams to own their progress against goals
Have outcome-driven conversations 
Create an agile, collaborative and motivated environment

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Kyriakos Zannikos founder DCI - Digital Commerce Intelligence
Game changing OKR Tool!

"A truly game changing tool and process, to drive organizational objectives focus and alignment! The software itself is a practical intuitive tool to help."

Change the mindset

Align tasks to the real outcome metrics

Give your teams extreme clarity on how they are creating an impact
Allow them to see their contributions to company growth and priorities 
Work towards high-impact milestones rather than endless task lists

SAVE TIME and focus on execution

Break out of silos and achieve more together

Map out team alignment and dependencies and create Squads to tackle blockers
Work as bi-directionally aligned teams to solve business problems together 
Guide teams to take aspirational targets and achieve more than they imagine

decide and direct better

Drive ownership to achieve company strategy

Assign each OKR to an owner, spot week-on-week progress 
Enable teams to build accountability and take charge
Link team contributions to company metrics

stay informed

Be a better leader, coach your teams

Get into the trenches, coach your teams to overcome blockers 
Communicate as an effective leader by asking powerful questions
Teach teams how to prioritize activities that can move the needle


Leadership guide to OKRs

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. This only possible as when you take the team along.

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