Best alternative to Quantive with amazing Support

If you are looking for OKRs software with enterprise grade security, at an irresistible price that does not break your bank , Fitbots is the one.

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Pricing comparision


OKRs coaching can be taken as an Add on

$7/ user /month

All other software plans are additional add-ons

$18/ user / month

Why choose Fitbots over Quantive?

OKRs software should not be a money guzzler to solve a core user problem - setting, tracking and sustaining OKRs.  Fitbots brings this high value at an irresistible price starting from USD 5 per user per month to USD 10 per user per month, compared to Quantive, who’s high value feature plans start at USD 18 per user per month!

Fitbots is highly endorsed by Global OKRs coaches, to be an easy to use software with great ongoing support at no additional cost. Fitbots is designed and developed by teams who are certified OKRs experts , carrying 10000+ hours of coaching experience. With domain and functional specialists developing software along with users, the core user problem is rightly addressed in the Fitbots OKRs software. The easy to use navigation to set Company and Team OKRs , elegant Connect and Alignment boards, and predictors to spot OKRs progress and At Risk KRs, OKRs management becomes a real breeze.

The first experience on Fitbots is an easy navigation on setting Company OKRs or Team OKRs using a writing assistant or Templates. Users can also book an On Demand Coach or Opt for an OKRs program manager with a plan of choice. Fitbots does not believe in selling only as software, but making your OKRs program a success.

Rated 5/5 on G2 for Best Support and Users Love Us, the Fitbots experience is simple, easy to navigate , just the right set of features to make OKRs successful and at no hidden support costs.

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Fitbots vs Quantive

Comparison is based data available & shared by respective product websites and 3rd party reviews

Master class on OKRs
Free with all plans
Single sign on with O365
On going support
Add on
OKR writing assistant
Built in Academy
Org and Team OKRs
Depart OKRs / Sub Teams
Individual OKR Insights
Connect & Align
Easy to navigate
CXO & Team dashboards
Board ready reports & Week on Week heatmaps
Needs configurations
Ease of OKR Rollout
Within Minutes
( Pre Configured )
Complex requires time.
OKRs Predictors on progress
Yes - Team OKRs predictors to spot OKRs at risk!
OKRs Program Manager
Yes! OKRs Program Managed by the Fitbots Team*
Global network of OKR Coaches
Enterprise Grade Security - CyberGRX and ISO 270001
Integration with Work tools
OKR Templates
1:1 Feedback
Recognition / Appreciation
Copy OKRs
( Across Cycles)
Shareable reports for performance
KPI Boards
Yes, Upcoming
Book a demo