Fitbots enters into an agreement to join forces with Inspire Software

Vidya Santhanam
Added, 22 Jan 2024
Fitbots joins forces with Inspire Software

We are thrilled to share that Fitbots has entered into a strategic agreement with Inspire Software.

Inspire Software’s integrated suite leverages cutting-edge AI to drive strategy execution with OKRs, performance, and employee collaboration. Inspire is passionate about strategy execution and OKRs, just like Fitbots. 

When we started conversing with the management team at Inspire Software, we found that there was a great degree of alignment with our core beliefs:

1. We share the belief that OKRs coupled with leadership development will build a culture that confers audacious thinking.

2. Both companies have invested significantly on client success, with a suite of resources to help teams learn and implement OKRs effectively.

3. Fitbots and Inspire Software share a common philosophy around OKRs. This relationship is advantageous as many aspects of our software, including the customer onboarding process for OKRs, align closely.

This made it very evident that by joining forces, we can bring so much more value to our customers and community.

What's Next ?

1. If you are landing on the Fitbots website, looking for a trial or demo, you would be directed to the landing page of Inspire Software, to book a demo.

2. We would not be offering the Fitbots software as a standalone product after March 31st, 2024. You could continue to download or read, our repository of resources - e books, blogs, webinars and podcasts, as they contain a great deal of wisdom from the best of OKRs practitioners.  Inspire Software will receive any details you submit going forward.

3. If you are an existing customer, you would be given all the support to transition to Inspire Software, so that you have continuity in driving OKRs.

We cannot express the gratitude that we have for our customers, partners, investors and team members past and present, who have been part of this memorable journey of building Fitbots for almost 6 years.