May 5, 2021

Ultimate OKR Playbook for Digital Payments

The world of Digi-payment is experiencing unprecedented growth in the current times.

The recent trend for payments is going cashless. Digital payments are vital in the digital world. As the industry starts evolving, the focus on achieving the organizational objectives becomes more crucial than ever before.

Coupling growth strategy with a critical thinking framework will help you accelerate growth.

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Ultimate OKR Playbook for Digital Payments

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The world of Digital Payments is taking everyone by a storm and have seen unprecedented growth in the last few years. With unprecedented growth comes unprecedented challenges that can't be managed with scale.

As companies start growing at a pace like never before, the focus on aligning teams to company strategy & drive accountability & ownership becomes more imperative.

We bring you some ways on how strategy execution frameworks can help you build the much needed alignment, despite scale & also sustain the growth pace at which you want to take your company forward.

What do you get in this read?

1. Insights on why OKRs & Digital Payments are a much needed match

2. How do you get started with OKRs at pilot scale

3. Traps to watch out for

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