May 5, 2021

Transitioning from Archaic Practices to OKRs

Globally, CXOs are adopting OKRs to rally teams around what matters most to align, focus & prioritize to achieve unmatchable outcomes and re-energize performance practices.

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Transitioning from Archaic Practices to OKRs

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When companies want to make the switch to OKRs, the forever persisting question that comes up is are OKRs really effective or just another shiny penny off the block? Leaving archaic performance management practices and transitioning to those which force teams to move away from output focus to outcome focus is a real world challenge, but not impossible to achieve, as long as you are clear of what you want to gain from OKRs.

Here's a comprehensive read for you to look into how OKRs compares to KPIs, what makes them different and how you can use it to achieve your strategic goals while also upping the performance of teams.

Some insights covered here:

1. What's the buzz on OKRs all about?

2. Connecting OKRs & Performance

3. Comparison of OKRs & Traditional Reviews

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