April 20, 2022

ABCs of OKRs: Fundamentals of an OKR framework

Learn all about OKRs in under 10 mins and kick start your OKR implementation.

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ABCs of OKRs: Fundamentals of an OKR framework

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Planning to get started with OKRs? Or, looking at reconsidering the way you were using OKRs, because something was amiss? Whatever be your need, we got you covered with this quick simple & easy to use OKR Starter Kit

What does it have?

OKRs are easy to understand but if the right focus, time & energy is not spent on it, added to it, if the concepts are misunderstood, it does more harm than good.

This eBook helps you understand everything you need to know about

1) Kickstarting your OKR Journey

2) What kind of planning it needs

3) Readiness of the ecosystem

4) Necessary traps you must avoid.

Gain an in-depth understanding on all that is needed for you to get started with your OKR implementation & make it a success.

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