May 5, 2021

OKRs for Enterprises: Higher performance for greater goals

Not just for start-ups, OKRs drive business goals for enterprises too. We debunk the myths and show the reality behind implementing OKRs for enterprises.

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OKRs are not for Enterprises, its a framework meant for startups and can't survive with scale, matrix & size. This is one of the most common myths that prevents enterprises from adopting OKRs as a wonderful framework which can help them drive agility, speed, focus & also alignment to company goals. Enterprises need OKRs more than all others, because aligning everyone in the company to the company's overall strategy is a much more bigger & critical task for enterprises.

If you are a Chief of Strategy, Chief of Staff or a Business leader in an Enterprise, then this is something you must read to know

1. Is OKRs really for my organization

2. How do I build an OKR MVP

3. How do i engage it with the existing frameworks

4. What's the best way to get started

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