How to align portfolio companies with OKRs

OKRs help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution. By choosing to pick the right set of metrics, startups can go beyond focusing on company growth at an operational level and head in the direction of showcasing solid growth potential to VCs. On a parallel note, keeping a regular track of your portfolio’s OKRs progress gives you a clear and specific view of the real-time business progress. This empowers VCs to discern the high-performing portfolios from the ones that need more attention. The ROI of having the right view on your portfolio companies is multifold.

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How to align portfolio companies with OKRs

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There always remains a debate about whether valuation of companies remains an art or a science. The predicament of this scenario has always derived valuable insights from leaders in the industry. But the job doesn’t really end there, does it?

As the past decade has seen the highest investments made in the field while simultaneously witnessing a common pattern of failures in most of their investments. Although each company’s reasoning may differ, there always remains a point of commonality that helps us join the dots.

The main goal of the funded companies is to scale efficiently - while this remains the common pathway, the journey is often myopic. Obliteration of alignment while scaling has ensconced the comfort of failure in most start-ups. While VCs were questioned on how they tracked their portfolio companies; they referred to the vintage solutions such as KPIs and “Excel sheets” to track their companies. Failing to excel despite using “excel” remains quite the irony.

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