Best alternative to Weekdone for Enterprise grade OKRs roll outs

If you are looking for an OKRs software with support from best-in-class global coaches who have rich experience in introducing and sustaining OKRs for enterprises and hyper-growth companies, Fitbots is the best choice.

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Fitbots is proud to be rated high-performer by independent software marketplaces like G2 and Capterra.

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Fitbots OKRs Software

Fitbots vs Weekdone

With our easy-to-use platform and enterprise-grade consulting, Fitbots is the best partner to help your company sustain OKRs.

Generative AI and OKRs

AI-assisted OKRs generator

OKRs Achievement Predictor

Misaligned OKRs Insights

OKRs and Goal Management

Global Coaches with Enterprise experience

Free Masterclass on OKRs

OKRs Alignment Board to Strategy

Weekly Progress Reports (Email)

OKRs Trees or Sub Team Alignment to KRs

Pre-configured Team and CXO dashboards

Flexible Team Creation

KR Weightage Configurations

Individual OKRs Insights

KPI Boards


JIRA Cloud - for KRs

JIRA Cloud - for Milestones

Basecamp Integration

API Integrations


Onboarding and Consulting

Onboarding support from a certified Customer Success Manager

Coaching Services

OKR Certification Services

Yes (Certified by OKRs Training, USA)

Enterprise-grade OKRs consulting and Program Management

Performance Feedback

Shareable reports on Performance

Yes-with all plans

1:1 Private Feedback

Public Conversations

Recognition / Appreciation

High Performing companies use Fitbots to scale and sustain OKRs

The secret to sustaining OKRs is to focus on Key Results and measure them well. Have your team focus on important milestones to achieve them.

Charlotte Stewart
Head of HR, SC Ventures & Innovation

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