May 5, 2021

OKRs during business uncertainty | E-book

Businesses have to adapt to the changing times and upcoming trends of the market. Dealing with business uncertainty can be a hurdle but it can also be an opportunity to grow.

OKRs are the saviors in a crisis. Even in unprecedented times, achieve business outcomes by focusing on what matters most.

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OKRs during business uncertainty | E-book

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The new world of work also brought a new world of challenges. Teams suddenly went remote without much preparation. Silos increased more than ever before and companies did not get much time to shift from what they were used to doing, and focus on what they needed to do. Most importantly, the dynamics of the market, consumers and business changed.

There is a lot for companies to deal with emotionally & financially, however, the ones which kept themselves from drowning were those who had the power to adapt to change, re-strategize, & quickly get their teams realigned to newer business priorities. During such uncertain times, adoption of OKRs increased more than ever, because it helped companies shift the focus from daily tasks & output to outcomes that mattered in the larger picture.

‍Gain more insights on how OKRs help companies re-strategize & reprioritize their business focus with this short read.

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