Get started with a world class OKR Coach

Fitbots is a strategic partner of OKRsTraining, US bringing the Coaching methodologies of the Global best to our clients

Why should you opt for an OKR Coach?

Designing  your OKR Strategy & Implementing it right are two different aspects. Opt for a Coach to walk your teams through a seamless OKR adoption and imbibing OKR culture right from the word GO!

" Research shows that with OKR coaches you have an 80% increased possibility of successful OKR roll out. "

What can our coaches do for you ?

We empower you to get your rollout right the first time

Learn OKRs

Inconsistency in understanding OKRs is a deal breaker. Our coaches help you & your teams get the fundamentals right.


Craft and Align OKRs Cross-functionally

Getting cross functional alignment right is the secret sauce to successful rollouts


Make it stick

Sustaining OKRs is a big challenge. Our coaches help you build the muscle through regular check-ins.


We are all about Expertise

Our methodolgies are designed by the Global best. Importantly, we evolve and tune approaches tapping into insights from Global network of consultants, solving challenges like none other on the planet.

Get Started with our

Simple plans

Learn & Write OKRs

  • 2 Hours Learn OKRs per Team
  • 2 Hours Write OKRs per Team
  • Best suited for teams getting started on OKRs

Full Stack Implementation

  • End to end guided OKR rollout for 90 days
  • Includes learn, write, check-ins, champions training & retro-reboot ( includes Organisation OKRs )
  • Pricing varies based on number of teams

What people say about us

Fitbots Coaching

“Fitbots enabled us to drive alignment across teams and drive radical clarity towards business outcomes.  

Their deep understanding of OKRs and dedicated support helped us get it right the first time."

Mohit Sharma | CEO Mindfields, Australia

"The expert coaching from Fitbots got us up to speed with the concept of OKRs quickly and helped us build a culture of accountability & ownership at Talview."

Jobin |  C0O Talview

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers who choose Fitbots also ask us

How long is a Typical OKR coaching engagement?

A typical Coaching dengagement lasts for up to 90 days. We work with your teams to help them understand the concept of OKRs, choose & pick the right KRs which matter and develop a culture of regular Check-ins. It takes about 90 days to set the engine rolling.

Can I choose a coach later ?

We recommend using the both together, to get the culture right early and helping you with understanding the finer details of leveraging the platform. If teams don't develop the OKR mindset early on, it can get tricky later. However, you can book a coach once you are ready for it too.

How long is the free trial period?

14 Days. We understand that sometimes, you may need an extension due to certain reason, do write to us to discuss the same.

Would you share security Audit reports?

Yes, for enterprise custom plans.

Can we train our employees as OKR Coaches?

Yes, we do have an intensive Internal OKR Coach certification, conducted in partnership with OKRs training US. You can refer to more details on the program here.


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