A Chief of Staff’s checklist for coaching teams on OKRs.

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Break operational inefficiencies that hamper growth

Get teams to collaborate on shared commitments.

Break silos

Drive collaboration with cross-functional OKRs

Measure outcomes

Get your teams to think outcomes not inoputs

 MAKE BETTER decisions

Get all your data in one place

Do away with multiple PowerPoints and spreadsheets.

Unified dashboards

Manage performance of KPIs and OKRs in one place

Standardized reporting

Visualize your data in a consistent format


Run leadership reviews on what matters most

Ask powerful questions backed by data.

Spot smoke signals

Zone in on KPIs & OKRs at risk.

Predict performance

Strategize with data.


Get expert support to coach your teams on OKRs

Save bandwidth ; get it right.

On-demand experts

Opt for a certified OKR coach.

AI assist

Ask our AI assist to generate OKRs.


Resources to get your started


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