A champions guide to OKR Check-In Meetings

The success of OKRs depends most on the right adoption by teams, because strategy execution is possible only when efforts of all teams is aligned in the right direction. The key to having teams engaged to achieving OKRs is to not let it become a set and forget framework which teams revisit only after the quarter/year is over. It needs constant attention and rigours through communication and collaboration, enabling teams to achieve the outcomes. Wondering how? It’s as simple as getting all teams which work together on common OKRs to meet on dedicated days weekly/ fortnightly and let the magic of collaborating to create results begin.

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A champions guide to OKR Check-In Meetings

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Just like your regular health checks keep you in control of your health parameters, check-ins work towards keeping the health of your OKRs in check. How do you run the meeting in a way that is productive, outcome-focused as well as engaging to your teams…. So they never want to miss it?

You guys have been doing this, read more for

1) What are the key Check-in Rituals

2) What are the absolute no-nos during check-in meetings

3) How do you tackle special check-in situations

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