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How to align portfolio companies to OKRs

OKRs help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution. By choosing to pick the right set of metrics, startups can go beyond focusing on company growth at an operational level and head in the direction of showcasing solid growth potential to VCs.

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Michelle Kung, Ex BANSEA

Best OKRs Software
Michelle Y. Kung
Director Icarus Feather
Easily track performance of each portfolio

"Fitbots OKR software helps us easily track performance of each portfolio company so that we can provide timely guidances and support for our startups."

Manu Rekhi, Inventus
Managing Director ,Inventus capital partners
Great Amalgamation of tool + personnel expertise

Fitbots is a great amalgamation of tool plus coaching that can make good teams great."

Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)
Founder & Managing Partner Uppekha
OKRs are great for scaling

"In a startup after the initial traction you have to put structure in place for scaling. Founders have to align the organization towards outcomes and rest of the individual team units with that org outcome and each other. OKR is one of the best framework for fast growing startups across the world to scale outcomes."

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Our OKRs insights boards help your portfolios accelerate and scale.

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