2021 OKR Survey Report

OKRs is the new jargon among the business leaders.

Why should businesses go through the effort of making the entire organization adopt this new way of thinking? Do you really need OKRs?

Let’s discover more about the world of OKRs.

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2021 OKR Survey Report

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Companies across different industries are steadily realizing the challenges that dilution of strategic alignment brings along. Lack of alignment has cost companies heavily in terms of driving focus, increasing growth & revenue & of course bleeding dipping engagement levels. With use of strategic alignment frameworks like OKRs, companies are slowly bringing back the rigor on aligning teams, pinning accountability & in turn impacting the top line.

Don't believe us? Check out our latest study of users & non-users of OKRs in A-Pac and what benefits did companies bring about when they started adopting OKRs for goal & strategy alignment.

Are you a CXO, Head of Strategy or even head of Growth? Then this report is for you.

The OKR Survey Report includes the following:

1. Why did companies choose to align their strategies using OKRs?

2. What were the challenges faced during implementation?

3. What visible outcomes did they see on adoption of this framework?

4. What challenges in goal alignment do non users of ORs face?

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