5 Step process to get OKRs right

OKRs is a concept that was really initiated by Intel and spread to other companies. Google adopted OKR in the 90s. It successfully supported Google’s growth in a huge ratio.

Besides Google, many companies like Twitter, LinkedIn etc use OKRs.

When approached sincerely and implemented effectively, OKRs can polish up your organization’s focus, team alignments and drive them towards achieving your goals.

Get your OKR rollout right with our OKRs calendar for 2022.

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5 Step process to get OKRs right

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However many companies don't understand the tactics behind the OKRs and hence make them ineffective.

What is the philosophy behind OKRs?

How to get it right? Am I spending my money wisely?

Let’s get started with the 5 Step facile process to get OKRs right….

Our OKRs calendar for 2022 is here. 

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