We focus on highest standards of security in design, development, deployment & management of data with focus on constant improvement. We do daily automated security scans with reassessment of designs, implementation on a quaterly basis. We invest in latest and best in class technologies to secure & protect our customer data.

3 Core Dimensions

Fitbots applies N Dimensional thinking in systems design. Broadly structured around 3 themes Data, Infrastructure & Application

Importantly, our focus is providing Confidentiality, Isolation, Compliance to regulations in line with Global Best Practices


Data isolated by each tenant - tied to specific domain

Data is encrypted in rest with AES 256 encryption

Data encrypted in motion ( SSL & TLS 1.2+)

Data is encrypted even in client storage

When SSO is used we do not store your credentials in our systems


Our Policies are audited Quarterly

Active Threat Management with Cloud Security Command Center at the heart of the system

Fitbots is hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for all environments

GCP data centers  are certified with ISO/IEC 27001 , ISO/IEC 2701, ISO/IEC 27018, SOC 1/2/3, PCIDSS & CSA star rating.
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Security scans using global best in class tools

Security best practices & procedures reviewed by cross-functional teams.

Validation & reviews with Global standards.
( CyberGrx)

Performance & Availablity

Fitbots ensures its OKR Management is always available. Your Business Relies on us. We ensure that your teams can always locate, access & update OKRs on our always available platform.
Platform Availablity 99.8% assuring low RPO & RTO.

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