May 5, 2021

Running an OKR Pilot for EdTech Companies

Looking to adopt OKRs to manage your EdTech business's unprecedented growth? Turn your team into a highly aligned, radically focused Outcome Based engine with this quick to implement OKR Pilot Guide.

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Running an OKR Pilot for EdTech Companies

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Who expected the massive massive growth EdTech industry would experience a few years ago?

And the year 2020 became yet another trendsetter for many new EdTech companies to realize their dream and expand their wings of growth. But then, when you grow at a pace faster than what you imagine, you do face the challenges of teams origin in silos, missing collaboration & not really realizing the potential of what they are creating. This is why Strategy Execution is highly critical.

Make your strategy visible & understandable to all, let teams pick their contributions & drive it with more than 100% focus & engagement. Sounds like a plan?

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