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Accelerate business results with OKRs

Easily set, track, and sustain OKRs with our software and on-demand coaching from experts

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Quick set up

Write high-calibre
OKRs in seconds

OKR writing made easy with the right tools

OKR Builder

Use our AI-assisted Builder
to write OKRs in seconds

On-demand Coach

Our certified coaches help you identify high-velocity metrics

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Connect and Align OKRs

Break out of silos with
powerful alignment boards

Spot misalignments with a click and take quick actions

Alignment Boards

Elegantly track how teams impact Company OKRs

Horizontal Alignment

Establish bi-directional allegiance to other teams

Shared Commitments

Create OKRs as Squads/Pods to tackle strategic blockers

Initiative Alignment

View the story of how Initiatives impact the
progress of metrics

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Pre-Configured Dashboards

Predict your business performance in a click

View week-on-week progress and zone-in on KRs moving well and at risk

Trends Board

Make data-driven decisions. Get key insights on OKR Progress for your
company and teams

OKR Predictors

Create impactful actions based on your predicted future performance

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Check-ins to stay on course

Keep an eye on the prize with Check-ins

Conversations, feedback, and recognitions made easy

Weekly Check-ins

Tag and mention team members to achieve OKRs

Appreciation Badges

Pin a badge on honor and recognize efforts

1:1 Feedback

Exchange focused feedback on outcomes

Retro Reboots

Conduct your OKR Rituals with our Trends Boards

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Individual performance

Visualize individual performance with OKRs

Soft-link or tight-link OKRs with performance

Complied User Insights and Reports

Download individual reports to link with performance reviews

1:1 Feedback

Exchange focused feedback on outcomes

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Get started with managing OKRs better

Managing OKRs Progress
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