6 Hacks to Manage Compensation and OKRs

Companies want to build a culture where every employee can visualize how they contribute to the growth story of the company. Many high growth companies use OKRs to drive the amazing strategic advantage it helps them gain while driving business at 10X growth rate. However, one of the most spoken about, but least addressed dilemmas, many face is ‘Can we use OKRs for deciding compensation reviews?’. Read more to know how 6 High growth companies are using the bright side of OKRs and managing their way through compensation increases in their own creative ways.

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6 Hacks to Manage Compensation and OKRs

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Irrespective of the different options that companies adopt, knowing what best to do especially when it comes to managing compensation reviews while using OKRs is no easy feat.

But we hear you totally, and that’s why we bring you 6 best practices from OKR practitioners, who have stepped forward to share how best to deal with this dilemma.

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