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OKR Coach Certification

5 Live Virtual Sessions | 2 Hours each

As Affiliate APAC partners of OKRs Training US - the Global Leaders in OKRs, Fitbots conducts the certification program and has certified about 1000+ professionals globally on OKRs.

The objective of the OKR Certification program is to enable participants with the knowledge, process, and tools to coach and sustain OKRs in the organization.

By completing the Certification, one can:
1. Acquire the skill to craft impactful OKRs.
2. Coach leadership to introduce OKRs and translate strategies into actionable plans.
3. Train your internal teams to write high-quality OKRs aligned to strategic priorities.
4. Facilitate dialogues with teams to manage and sustain OKRs with ease.
5. Gain insights from real-world examples to implement and succeed with OKRs.

Learn the OKRs fundamentals

1. Set the foundation on OKRs
2. How to write effective OKRs?
3. Dance between KPIs and OKRs

Develop Strategic OKRs

1. Prepare your organization for OKRs
2. How to facilitate strategic OKRs writing?
3. Steps to rollout OKR implementation

Craft aligned Team OKRs

1. Learn the 5 steps to Team OKR crafting
2. How to design Team OKRs?
3. Define tactics to drive outcomes

OMG! Spot misalignments!

1. Learn principles of 'Connect and Align'
2. How to spot misalignments in OKRs?
3. Watch out for the traps and landmines

Sustain OKRs with rituals

1. Learn global best practices and rituals
2. How to facilitate check-ins? 
3. Design OKRs retro reboot

You have been certified

To earn the certificate, it is essential to fully complete all the in-class and at-home assignments included in the program.


Enterprise Exclusive Program

We offer exclusive certification programs for organizations to build internal OKR capability.

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Customized Program for OKR Capability Building

Min. 10 Registrations

USD 650 (Per participant)
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14-hour virtual program over 2 weeks
(includes 4-hour of assignments and submissions)

5 live instructor-led sessions, 2 hours each

Customized case studies and scenarios

Live session: Audit & review of OKRs

Scenario-based assignments and role plays for grading

Post-program Ask Me Anything Hour (AMA) hour

We have certified over 100 experts in specific companies in closed batches.

Program Methodology

Participant Pack of Learning Resources

Who should enroll in this program?

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Why do people choose Fitbots Certification?
Nigel Miller
Founding Partner
“The level of experience of the instructors was evident, the assignments were great reinforcement of the class info. Also, peer involvement was helpful to hear other points of view”
Nitisha Goyal
Product Lead
“The material, assignments, and the amazing way in which the participants were engaged throughout. It was a great learning experience.”
Abhinandan Mookherjee
“The overall structure of the program was perfectly designed. The course also included the expert's view of the industry practices which was of great value.”
Souvik Chandra
Lead Consultant
“In-depth analysis of the subject by experienced trainers, Awesome study materials, Classroom discussions, and hands-on activities. The entire program enlightens the participants on how to drive the organization's transformation journey, guided by OKRs”
Sushena Sharma
HR Leader
“The real-life examples shared throughout the training built context and relatability. I also loved each and every assignment we were given - they not only challenged me to reconsider my understanding of OKRs but also built my confidence in how to go about executing OKRs in the future”
Swathy S
HR Leader
“The clarity that all the instructors have on the subject, assignments that made us think through, in-class activities, and a great cohort”

We have coached over 5000+ teams

Instructor ratings


(210 ratings)

Kevin Baum
Global OKRs Coach
Vidya Santhanam
Co-Founder & CEO Fitbots
Richa Jha Arvind
Business Coach - OKRs & Strategy
Soujanya Panda
Certified OKR Coach
Kashi Ks
Co-Founder &
CTO Fitbots

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