OKRs for Product and Engineering Teams

OKRs are a great way to help the Product & Engineering teams establish a connection between Product roadmaps and business value.

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OKRs for Product and Engineering Teams

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While all teams start to accept OKRs, one of the biggest challenges is faced by P&E teams when they need to switch from focusing on roadmaps & sprints to focusing on OKRs. The ever increasing confusion on meeting demands of the sprint cycle and delivery schedules, makes them find OKRs an added responsibility to own & adhere to.

What if OKRs were not about switching away from Roadmaps & sprint schedules, even better, how can you make it a part of the way you achieve your roadmaps?

Read this eBook to find out more on how successful product teams build in agility in the ideation & development process using OKRs & focusing on priorities which really really matters.

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