Best alternative to Ally.io with great Support

If you're looking for an OKR  software that has great support, packs powerful features, then Fitbots is the right software for you.

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How do you compare Fitbots to Ally.io

With teams gone hybrid, and the need for companies to move towards profitable growth, leadership teams need OKRs to connect and align to the most critical business metrics, using an efficient solution.  

Fitbots helps teams to learn , write and track OKRs. The week on week trends dashboard, auto flags on KRs at risk, elegant alignment boards gets teams to zone in on key metrics that matter.  

Customer Success is a call away, with authentic content on OKRs being delivered to users, from the best of OKRs coaches.   We have enterprise grade security, at a click, and no endless calls and delays with Support desks :)

Pricing comparision


OKRs coaching can be taken as an add-on

$7/ user /month

All other software plans are additional add ons (Viva Insights, Learn , Engage, connections, Topics)

$12/ user /month
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Fitbots vs Ally

Comparison is based data available & shared by respective product websites and 3rd party reviews

Master class on OKRs
Free with all plans
Single sign on with O365
One click
Infinite clicks
OKR writing assistant
Built in
Certified OKRs coach as CSM
Yes , best in class
In enterprise plans
Built in Academy
Popular for self serve rollouts
Org and Team OKRs
Sub Teams
Individual OKR Insights
Integration with Work tools
OKR Templates
1:1 Feedback
Not available
Recognition / Appreciation
Copy OKRs
( Across Cycles)
Shareable reports for performance
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