May 5, 2021

A CXOs Guide to Implementing OKRs

A handbook for CXOs who have been considering or dabbling with OKR implementation. We give you all the ingredients to get OKR implementation right.

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A CXOs Guide to Implementing OKRs

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While most companies know that OKRs are a strategy Execution framework, most often, the responsibility of implementing OKRs is pushed on HR teams. But Strategy Execution begins from Leadership, just like Strategy Crafting. For and strategy Execution framework to work, the Leadership teams need to be aligned to the concept, realize the benefits & know what they expect from their teams when it comes to executing strategy with the right goals. But how?

Don't worry, this book has it all covered for you to be prepared with a few tips on

1. Is your company ready for OKRs?

2. OKRs & BAUs

3. OKR Implementation Traps

4. OKRs & Compensation

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