October 29, 2021

OKRs vs KPI | Which is Spookier ?

It's the right time to set your goals. Setting goals is not enough.

Attaining is the vital part. We already have KPIs, so why OKRs?

Most of the business leaders have replaced KPIs with OKRs because it is more effective to measure progress against outcomes rather than individual performance.

Learn more about the fundamental differences between OKRs and KPIs, and how they work together.

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OKRs vs KPI | Which is Spookier ?

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Now we’re in 2022. New year with new resolutions. Have you made any resolutions last year? Have you accomplished them? 

Just think as a team. What were your team's resolutions last year? Are they all achieved? What was the bottleneck?

Here comes OKRs. OKRs are not KPIs and same holds true other way around.

Many teams often confuse between OKRs & KPIs.

We’ve detailed information about KPIs vs OKRs and which is more spooky.

So grab your copy & be sure to never make the mistake of mixing the two again while driving OKRs for your teams & company.

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