Connect the dots between Agile and OKRs

Align your sprint planning to OKRs.  
Reduce ad-hoc requests, and align your product roadmap
to outcomes that matter most.

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Across the globe, fitbots is

Trusted by CTOs and Engineering leaders

OKRs have never been easier to manage and track

"In a ‘Work Anywhere’ world, businesses today are looking at outcomes. Managing remote working teams has been relatively easy after getting onto Fitbots."


Focus your
bandwidth to where it impacts the most

As Product and Engineering teams, bandwidth is always a concern. Use your time efficiently by aligning Epics and Sprints
to high-value business impact metrics.


Collaborate with teams and prioritize your Roadmap

Get your business teams to collaborate in setting outcome metrics while getting a complete line of sight of your roadmap


Track outcome metrics and spot risks early

View the progress of all business metrics through our
clear and concise dashboards. Spot your blockers early and
have a direct impact your business.


Develop a business mindset

Stay ahead of your peers in the industry by having
business-focused conversations rather than feature-driven ones.




OKRs Handbook for Product and Engineering teams

OKRs help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution. By choosing the right set of metrics and aligning your teams to outcomes, your company can crush growth targets.

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