Scaling Start-ups

OKR Examples for Sales

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Objective 1:

Expand Presence in the New Market to Acquire New Customers

Key Result:
  • Increase the number of MQLs for <new market> from X to Y
  • Increase the number of demo for <new market> from X to Y
  • Launching a podcast series for the <new> market
  • Increase conversion from outreach for <new market> from X% to Y%

Objective 2:

Increase Customer Acquisition to Drive Growth

Key Result:
  • Increase the number of new demos through outreach from X to Y
  • Increase customer acquisition of high-growth ventures/mid size companies/enterprises from X to Y
  • Convert 1 small / mid size startup in <specific region> through outreach
  • Increase the conversion ratios from X % to Y %
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