OKRs Template

OKR Examples for Human Resources (HR)
Objective 1:

Establish Exceptional Corporate Culture to Engage Employees

Key Result:
  • Train managers on the 'New Manager Development Program' from X% to 100%
  • Implement Employee Touchpoint framework by <date>
  • Establish 1:1 conversations process for manger-employee by <date>
  • Improve PLES (Project Level Employee Engagement) scores from X to Y

Objective 2:

Create Practices to Attract and Retain the Right Talent

Key Result:
  • Build hiring pipeline for <A,B,C> roles
  • Increase hiring through referrals from X% to Y%
  • Reduce time to hire from Y to X for <any critical role>
  • Reduce attrition from Y% to X%
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