Who should write OKRs?

Company-wide OKRs are usually written by the top leadership, CEOs and the CXOs. They are based on the company’s core values and mission. Further on, Department OKRs are crafted by the Department heads along with their next level leadership teams.

Team OKRs should be written using the inputs of the entire team or multiple teams that have to work together. This ensures ownership, accountability, transparency and bi-directional alignment.

Sometimes, when multiple teams come together to work towards a common outcome, they form what are known as squads/pods to huddle together and align their tasks to the OKRs. Once the outcome is achieved, they move on to the next squads/pods.

For example: Launching a product in a new market may need Marketing, Product & Tech, Sales & HR to come together to plan everything they need to do to get together and launch the product within the set time. 

Not all OKRs within the organization will align to the company-wide OKRs, and that is not a problem, because it allows employees to align their tasks to other outcomes which can help generate business value. It also helps them keep a control on prioritizing the most urgent and important activities without losing sight of the main outcome. 

If you’re new to writing OKRs, this guide will help you get started.


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