Who should be an OKR Team Champion?

An OKR Team Champion is a member of the OKR Team who runs weekly Check-ins on OKR progress, updates the Team OKRs and escalates any blockers or constraints in achieving them. Someone who takes initiative, is skilled at open communication, and prompt at reaching out to team members is well-suited to the role of an OKR Team Champion.

A champion should be someone who is not necessarily a lead or a manager, instead a team member who can communicate positively, collaborate well & bring together different teams which work on common OKRs.

When using the Fitbots Software, the Champions have maximum access in the team. They can edit OKRs, add OKRs, link OKRs to Corporate/Bi directional teams, and can also invite/add/remove team members. Are you set on running an OKR Pilot for your business - and we completely support that decision!

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