Should we teach OKRs to every team member?

If you’re thinking about rolling out OKRs for your entire organization, then yes, all members in the organization will benefit from knowing how OKRs work. The same goes for teams and team members. However, this is done in a slow and systematic way, rather than having one giant meeting and jumping into OKRs.

The OKR framework will first be introduced with pilot teams or squads, once the company leadership has sponsored the roll-out process. After learning what works for your organization through the pilot teams, OKRs will be introduced to other members of the organization.

Regular check-in meetings will ensure that everyone is on the same page and everyone is involved in the OKR creation process of their level.

Thinking of rolling out OKRs? This guide to getting started with Pilot Teams sheds some light on a systematic approach to introducing OKRs to your organization.

If you’re looking for OKR certification, check this out.


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