How do we make sure everyone knows how to use OKRs in the organization?

Just like creating good habits, understanding the basics of OKRs is easy, but learning how to consistently apply that knowledge is a journey. The entire process of understanding OKRs from basics and crafting them in a manner that helps teams connect to larger outcomes could take anything between 1-3 weeks.

The larger aspect of getting teams accustomed to the language of OKRs and leverage the benefits of the framework can only be attained through regular, non-negotiable weekly/fortnightly check-in meetings. This builds greater cadence, knowledge and overall understanding of how the framework helps in aligning/connecting dots with different business priorities.

It is always recommended that in the early stages of OKR implementation, you work with experienced Coaches or experts. They can help your teams get up to speed quickly, understand the nuances of writing OKRs and progress with it. They also help the organization get adopted to the framework from a cultural standpoint and not just a process perspective. 

Fitbots helps you roll-out OKRs in your organization seamlessly and you can rest assured that our experts will systematically onboard your teams into the OKR framework. Getting everyone on the same page is always a breeze with Fitbots integrated platform and coaching!


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