My Engineering team believes OKRs are an addition to the ‘To Do’. What do we do?

OKRs are a great way to help Product and Engineering teams establish a connection between Product roadmaps and business value. In fact, OKRs are the critical missing link for P&E Teams!

Here’s why:

  1. Engineering Teams get their adrenaline rush from experimentation, but a high frequency of change requests within a limited time frame leads to a faulty end-result. OKRs provide the much-needed flexible framework for teams to be able to experiment and analyze.
  1. Quick, sudden turnaround times leave no space for questions. If the engineering team cannot be compelled to ask questions in the right direction, the engagement and impact can never lead to great products. OKRs are great for defining the problem, tracking progress in a measurable way, and calling out blockers early in the process.
  1. Many teams suffer from an inadequate Product Roadmap. Everything on your Product Roadmap should be logically aligned to your product strategy and in turn, the company strategy. OKRs fuel the alignment of outcomes and team members to the company’s objectives in an effortless way.

Still got some questions on why your team needs OKRS? Check out this eye-opening ebook on OKRS for Product and Engineering Teams.


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