My Teams are not collaborative on OKRs? How to fix it?

Be it in the office or when working remotely, teams and workers tend to work in silos. They may communicate with their own team members, but not so much with other teams. OKRs are silo-buster and foster collaboration through bi-directional alignment. 

Here are a few ways to make your teams more collaborative:

  1. Teams can set “Shared OKRs” to drive greater collaboration and alignment.
  2. Learn how to set and write OKRs to boost collaboration and communication among team members. 
  3. By practicing weekly check-in meetings, teams also learn to collaborate better. Use the expertise of an OKR Champion to have outcome-driven conversations and recognize the efforts of team members. Highlight the allegiance that one team has to another while allowing each team to work in their own style.


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