My leadership does not believe in OKRs. Should we still roll out OKRs?

Perhaps your leadership teams still believe in the old cascading method of functioning, but that’s a thing of the past! Having your leadership on-board is vital to successful OKR Implementation. After all, the Company OKRs stem from the Company Mission, Vision, and strategic choices. 

So why are business leaders across the globe gravitating towards OKRs? They realized that leadership styles are moving from telling + directing to exploratory + participative. This is where you shift gears from ‘hand-me-down’ to ‘connect and align.’

OKRs turn leaders into better coaches. Coaching is a potent mix of rapport, active listening,

empathy, probing for clarity and helping teams to commit to action by asking powerful questions.

Moreover, OKRs build leadership effectiveness by empowering businesses with critical thinking. If your leadership still needs to be convinced about why OKRs are the framework to establish, this eBook might be a good starting point.


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