How to write OKRs?

Writing OKRs is a process that takes some practice. One must always keep in mind that OKRs work within a frame of time, like a business quarter.

First, one must understand the level of OKRs - whether they are company-wide, team-only, or individual OKRs. It is highly recommended that teams get together to write their OKRs with everyone’s input!

1. Start with the Outcome you want to achieve - make sure it’s not too easy, but also not unrealistic. The best tone for setting Outcomes is aspirational. Try to stick to three Outcomes.

2. Identify the Key Results for your Outcomes - The goal here is to measure only what matters. Pick the right metrics that will reflect the progress gained and lost with respect to your Outcome. Key Results should always be transparent and quantitative. Try to have a maximum of 5 KRs per Outcome.

3. Note the Tasks that you need to achieve your OKRs.

If you’re still not sure about how good OKRs are written, check out our in-depth guide on crafting OKRs or try using some of our free OKR Templates.

Of course, you always have the option to write great OKRs using the Fitbots OKR Assistant. Have a look at this short read that tells you all about the how!


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