How often should leadership communicate on OKRs?

Before introducing OKRs, it is very important to set the context. OKRs require sponsorship and CEOs are the best sponsors of OKRs.

A powerful message by the sponsor helps anchor the organization around: Why OKRs, and why now?

OKRs requires leadership to adorn a coach-led exploratory style of leadership to support teams, rather than a directive one. With OKRs, leadership styles move from telling + directing to exploratory + participative. This is where you shift gears from ‘hand-me-down’ to ‘connect and align.’

Having alignment not just within teams, but within the entire organization, is guided by the leadership. They should also guide teams on crafting and aligning OKRs, communicate OKR Progress and celebrate early wins on all company levels. Get all the best practices for leadership effectiveness in our eBook.

For more information on how to get the most out of OKRs as a leader by building accountability and ownership amongst teams, read this quick Christmassy blog: From Managers to Coaches.


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