How do I get the team on board with OKRs?

Getting your team on board with OKRs can be a challenge, but not impossible. If your team is not convinced after learning the benefits of OKRs or hearing the success stories of Google and Intel, here’s a process you can follow:

First, help your direct report leadership team to understand the concept and gain a buy-in from them. This eBook on how OKRs build leadership effectiveness might be a good place to start!

Thereafter, you can go either of these ways - 

  1. The leadership teams can pick a few ambassadors within the company, educate them on OKRs and plan the entire implementation. 
  1. Another, more thought-out process could be to get some of your key influencers certified on becoming OKR Champions and begin leading the implementation. 
  1. A highly recommended approach for startups would be to engage with some integrated OKR solution providers who can provide the right coaching support in getting your teams up to speed with understanding and implementing OKRs, alongside the right intuitive software which helps in updating, tracking and managing with OKRs.

Usually, the implementation process begins with an OKR Pilot. This is something that allows for experimentation with the process and tailor it to suit each individual company’s culture, size, and business priorities. Check out our eBook on OKR Pilots to learn more about it!


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