Top 5 Cold Email Tools To Help You Achieve OKRs
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Top 5 Cold Email Tools To Help You Achieve OKRs

Top 5 Cold Email Tools To Help You Achieve OKRs

What’s a Cold Email?

A cold email is a sales email sent to someone (a potential customer) with whom one has no prior contact and in which you introduce yourself and give a demo or schedule a meeting. To get it right, companies need to focus on specialized industries and send targeted communications to those individuals. The key to cold emailing is to identify interested people and compellingly sell yourself, but you won't be able to send those cold emails unless you have the necessary tools. 

One benefit of a cold email outreach tool is that it helps one carry out cold email outreach easily. It automates all cold email sentences and makes it seem more natural to avoid the spam folder.

It makes the process of sending cold emails effective by automating the task and sending follow-up emails. Further, it helps with tracking metrics so you can keep an eye on your open rate, response rate, and bounce rate, including items like personalization, preloaded templates, etc. Keep reading to discover the top five cold email tools that you should use right now in your business.

#5 - 

Cold email tools to help Sales is a cold email tool with all the important functions that allow one to send customized cold emails at scale. It has positive reviews and it’s priced around just USD 33 a month. It has a LinkedIn email finder so it goes beyond simply sending cold emails – it's also a lead generation tool. It also has a sales CRM so that you can keep track of progress in the sales process.

#4 -Yet Another Mail Merge 

Yet Another Mail Merge_Fitbots OKRs_Cold email tools to help Sales OKRs

Yet Another Mail Merge allows one to send cold emails directly from Google Sheets. The paid plans start at 24 dollars for a year, making it one of the most affordable tools – however, it is missing some basic features such as email verification or automated follow-ups that aren't available with the free version. The free version allows you to send 50 emails a day. If you are just at the beginning of your cold emailing journey and want to do it cost-efficiently, Yet Another Mail Merge is a great option.

#3 - GMass 

GMass_Fitbots OKRs_Cold email tools to help Sales OKRs

GMass is another cold email tool that also has a freemium version, and it has similar functions as other platforms. It includes the feature of email verification. It has a free email warm-up, but one must be cautious about using random email warm-up tools! As everyone's signing up for free, there is an increasing chance of getting marked as spam.

#2 - Mailshake

Mailshake__Fitbots OKRs_Cold email tools to help Sales OKRs

Mailshake allows you to send email outreach on autopilot. Mailshake was one of the original cold email sending tools. It has everything necessary in the most stable version possible. Features such as omnichannel outreach (i.e it's got a phone dialer built-in) are additional benefits. LinkedIn automation is also available, so you can carry LinkedIn outreach along with email outreach. Mailshake starts at $59 a month and comes with an additional feature of email warm-up that is supported by a third party. 

#1 - Lem list 

Lemlist__Fitbots OKRs_Cold email tools to help Sales OKRs

They have everything you need. Lemlist took on the concept of email warm-up and created 'Lem Warm' which is an automated email warm-up. The Lemlist email warm-up plans start at $59 per user per month. If the subscription is based out monthly, it is one of the more pricey tools very similar to Mailshake but is one of the best in class. However, there were some complaints about the user interface being a little confusing for most people and it also misses a CRM tool for sales tracking features. 

Despite lacking a CRM tool, it can be integrated with various other tools. Lemlist is usually used by companies for streamlining their lead generation activities.


A cold email is a sales email that is sent to a potential client with whom the sender has never previously communicated. Finding interested recipients and convincingly selling yourself are the keys to successful cold emailing. If you don't have the right tools, you won't be able to send cold emails. I've included the top 5 internet tools that I believe would be most useful out of all those that are accessible. One must be careful to consider their requirements and the scale at which their capability is needed while identifying the best tool.

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