Product and Engineering OKRs Masterclass

Zachary Ross

Global OKRs Coach, OKRs

We hosted a Product and Engineering OKRs Masterclass with Zack Ross, ex-Googler, Global OKRs Coach, and a highly experienced technology industry veteran who has worked in a variety of roles at companies of all sizes. In this exciting masterclass, Zack talked about:

1. How are Product and Engineering OKRs different?
2. What does it take to connect the dots between Product roadmaps and OKRs?
3. How does this dance between agile and OKRs play out for large enterprises?

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Global OKRs Coach, OKRs

Product and Engineering OKRs Masterclass

Check out this exciting Product and Engineering OKRs Masterclass with Zack Ross, ex-Googler and Global OKRs Coach, where he talks about the difference between Product and Engineering OKRs and connecting the dots between Product Roadmaps and OKRs.

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