Integrated Software

You could be on OKRs, KPIs or both. Our award winning software, intelligently nudges you on business choke points and gaps in strategy execution.

Transformational coaching

OKRs are all about setting the foundation of a new way of working. Our transformational coaches come with 10,000+ hours of coaching experience in managing OKRs and helping you achieve outcomes.

Goal Getters Membership

Communities are the best way to learn, share and achieve outcomes. Being a Fitbots customer, you get access to a vibrant community of the best of best Goal getters and our academy.

Venture building powered by OKRs

Tune in to this podcast with Charlotte Stewart, Head of HR, SC Ventures & Innovation, sheds some light on building Ventures powered by OKRs.

22 MIN
What does it take to champion OKRs in the first 90 days?

If you think about Fashion accessories - be it in Jewelry, Watches, Eyewear, fragrances, and more, Titan comes top of mind. Part of the TATA group, and one of the most respected companies, they truly know how to get strategy and execution right.

38 MIN
5000+ Teams Trust Fitbots
to drive outcomes with OKRs.
AI Assisted OKR builder

Fitbots introduces a co-author for OKRs, a cutting-edge tool that empowers organizations and teams to transform their strategic objectives into impactful key results

Fast pace Business Reviews

Accelerate your MBR (Monthly Business Review) and QBR (Quarterly Business Review) meetings with FastPace-AI.

Check-In’s CoPilot

Check-In’s CoPilot is designed to facilitate intelligent meetings, helping team champions summarize progress and identify key results at risk.

Smart Align - Spot misalignments

SmartAlign assists organizations in identifying strategic misalignments across teams, enabling them to save time and effort by promoting cohesive efforts throughout the organization.

Predict OKR Progress

uickPredict empowers teams and organizations to anticipate outcomes, helping them focus their efforts on the most critical areas of their strategy for enhanced success.

Freddie Dixon
Finance Director, Bright Network

“We introduced the OKR methodology at Bright Network and needed a software partner to help with visibility and performance of our OKRs.Beyond the product the team at Fitbots is brilliant – they are highly responsive and extremely helpful with both product and OKR queries which has really helped ensure a smooth implementation at our organization.”

Here's how

Fitbots OKRs can help

Quick set up

Write high-calibre
OKRs in seconds

OKR writing made easy with the right tools

OKR Builder

Use our AI-assisted Builder
to write OKRs in seconds

On-demand Coach

Our certified coaches help you identify high-velocity metrics

Connect and Align OKRs

Break out of silos with powerful alignment boards

Spot misalignments with a click and take quick actions

Alignment Boards

Elegantly track how teams impact Company OKRs

Horizontal Alignment

Establish bi-directional allegiance to other teams

Shared Commitments

Create OKRs as Squads/Pods to tackle strategic blockers

Initiative Alignment

View the story of how Initiatives impact the
progress of metrics

Pre-Configured Dashboards

Predict your business performance in a click

View week-on-week progress and zone-in on KRs moving well and at risk

Trends Board

Make data-driven decisions. Get key insights on OKR Progress for your
company and teams

OKR Predictors

Create impactful actions based on your predicted future performance

OKR & Customer

Case Studies

How Dresma Reduced Turnaround Time from 24 Hours to 6 Hours
How Will International Transitioned from Annual Goal Setting to OKRs
How THRIVE used OKRs to achieve 89% Growth in Direct Ordering Business
See all Case Studies

What our customers
have to say

OKRs has never been easier to manage & track

"In a ‘Work Anywhere’ world, businesses today are looking at outcomes. Managing remote working teams has been relatively easy after getting onto Fitbots"

Perfect OKR Partner

“Fitbots has two key aspects. The OKR software is very intuitive and practical to use. The team also provided support & training to set us up for success. Fitbots as a partner makes complete sense for Will.”

Fitbots OKRs Software, Coaching & Certification, Investor 
Caleb Baker

Best OKRs Software
Group Managing Director, Will
Game changing OKR Tool!

"A truly game changing tool and process, to drive organizational objectives focus and alignment! The software itself is a practical intuitive tool to help"

Kyriakos Zannikos founder DCI - Digital Commerce Intelligence
Excellent OKR Software!

"We've been able to move away from tasks delegation to outcomes. Fitbots helped organize departments and company objectives very clearly, and now we're happy to see progress in each KR."

"Fitbots is a must if your organization wants to rollout OKRs"

"Fitbots helps the entire organisation to be on track of its long-term and short-term objectives. The timely course correction of short term objectives helps in achieving the Long term ones. "

Abhikendu Gupta
Chief Operating Officer at Malpani Group
OKR & Customer

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