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OKR Examples - Company OKRs
Objective 1:

Improve the Investment Process in Order to Streamline Deal flow

Key Result:
  • Increase Industry benchmark reports from X to Y for improved screening and evaluation process
  • Increase number of new investments screened weekly from X to Y
  • Create standardized responses to transition to next step or drop deal (milestone) by <date>
  • Decrease time spent on screening a new opportunity from Y to X days

Objective 2:

Increase Total Value to Paid in Capital Multiple to Maximize Returns for <Specific Theme/Fund>

Key Result:
  • Increase Assets Under Management from USD X to Y Million
  • Increase board participation per investment from X% to Y%
  • Grow portfolio valuation growth YoY from X% to Y%
  • Increase Total Shareholder Return (TSR)/ Internal Rate of Return (IRR) from X% to Y%
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