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Objective 1:

Strengthen People Processes to Build a High Performing Organization

Key Result:
  • Increase internal fulfillment of key roles from X% to Y%
  • Introduce role-based assessments for X roles by <Date>
  • Pilot OKRs with leadership team by <date>
  • Increase Talent Mobility Index from X% to Y%

Objective 2:

Upskill Workforce in Order to Transform Internally into a Digital Organization

Key Result:
  • Increase number of certifications available from X to Y
  • Increase number of certified employees on hot skills from X to Y
  • Put a Digital Skills Framework in place by <Date>
  • Increase Digital Talent readiness from X% to Y%

Objective 3:

Increase New Products and Platforms to Become Digital Partner to Clients

Key Result:
  • Increase contract sign-offs on new product/platform from X to Y
  • Be rated as 'emerging player' in digital transformation analyst forum
  • Release at least one new platform based service by <Date>
  • Increase revenues from digital business from X% to Y% of overall revenues
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