OKR Coaches: Transform from Manager to Coach
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OKR Coaches: Transform from Manager to Coach

OKR Coaches: Transform from Manager to Coach

It’s becoming increasingly certain that organizations are placing thrust on building a goal-driven culture using frameworks like OKR. (New to OKR? Read our E-book on OKRs and Implementing an OKR framework.)

Fitbots had the pleasure of talking to Thijs Van Loon, Founder Better works Asia. During our Coffee Conversation, Thijs shared some thoughts on how managers can become better OKR coaches and move away from directing and leading to allowing more accountability & ownership amongst teams.

Here’s a glimpse of it for you:

1) Being a Great Listener is Overly Critical

Bea patient listener and encourage members to share their understanding of the Organizational or Business group objectives. Ask open-ended questions to help them discover business metrics in their own abilities. Let them build the motivation around what they want to do and not being told about how they should do something. In short, ask them “What questions& not Why questions. "Asking such questions will help in exploring how they make progress towards the respective outcomes.

2) Build Accountability

A great manager enables their team members to take accountability for their tasks at their own pace. Make sure that every team member picks up their work and also develops a sense of responsibility. Start slow, take the time, and delegate ell. Let them look up to you as the anchors. Moreover, let them approach you when they need to course correct.

3) Move Away from Giving Instructions

More often than not, managers tend to handhold and give instructions to team members on how to progress with tasks. This is only counterproductive to the team’s productivity and confidence. This is a common trait in managers across many geographies. Instead of directing teams and building confidence levels, let them make the decisions, and make them feel in control of their tasks. Be the North Star to your team and unleash their potential.

“A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are.” — Ara Parasheghian.

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