Ep 34: Venture building powered by OKRs

Tune in to this podcast with Charlotte Stewart, Head of HR, SC Ventures & Innovation, sheds some light on building Ventures powered by OKRs. In this exciting conversation, she talks about:

1. Leading People and Culture for the Ventures

2. How does Standard Chartered Ventures sustain OKRs quarter on quarter

3. Building DI&E with OKRs 

Tune in now!

About the Speaker

Charlotte Stewart is a Human Resources leader with extensive experience in people strategy and culture building, learning and talent management. She is the Head of HR of SC Ventures, Standard Chartered Bank’s innovation, fintech investment and ventures arm.

Before joining SC Ventures, Charlotte worked in senior HR roles at Expedia, where her last position was Director HR for APAC. She worked with Royal Bank of Scotland for more than a decade and spent more than five years at Honeywell Control Systems as the Regional HR Business Partner in the UK.

She holds BSc Hons, Business Administration and Management from University of Reading and a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Development from Kingston Business School.

Charlotte nurtures new talent and orchestrates winning teams.

Charlotte was born an expat and has lived in Holland, Brunei, Hong Kong, and Singapore as well as her home country of England.  As a result, she has a passion for cultures, food and new experiences ranging from diving to climbing mountains.  She also a range of skills to her name – European 3-Day Eventing Gold Medallist, journalist, painter and a mother of 3, including twins.

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