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About the Certificate

The Fitbots Certificate of Recognition is awarded to companies with an unparalleled focus on seamless strategy execution. These organizations are at the forefront of OKRs maturity and have adopted a step-by-step methodology to introduce, sustain and drive accelerated growth with OKRs.

How are OKRs implemented?

Objectives and Key Results are a strategy to execution framework which are being implemented by the fastest growing companies globally. OKRs are like spearfishing. They offer razor-sharp focus on the vital few, than the trivial many. Organizations that introduce OKRs, use a step-by-step process:

How are OKRs written?

History of OKRs

OKRs have a 50-year pedigree, borrowing from best practices like MBOs. As history goes, John Doerr, Chairman at Kleiner Perkins and author of best seller Measure What Matters, introduced OKRs to Google when they were a 40-member company. Since then, companies like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify, and Grab are companies that have grown rapidly with OKRs.


Peter Ducker

Developed MBO


Andy Grove

Introduced OKRs to Intel


John Doerr

Joins Intel


John Doerr

Takes OKRs to Google

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