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OKR Coach Certification
OKR Practitioner Program

Consider the OKRs practitioner program as a beginners guide to get started with OKRs. The course covers the ABCs of how an OKR development process works, how to spot a good and not so well written OKR and apply it in the context of a case study discussion.

Mode of Program Delivery

LIVE virtual facilitation  by a senior OKRs certified coach.  

The course will cover: 

The course will cover: 

  • What are OKRs? 
  • How are OKRs different from KPIs? 
  • How are OKRs written? 
  • Caselet discussion
Who should attend?

The course is ideal for practitioners of OKRs who are familiar with the basics, and would like to learn more about advanced practices that can create a greater impact with OKRs.

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