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Fitbots OKRs Software

Finish the year with Fitbots OKRs

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Trusted by 1500+ teams

What's on offer ? What do I get ?

Fitbots is excited to launch a founders special offer in US & Canada, on invite only basis.
All we need from you is product feedback.

We are offering more than just software

Fitbots OKRs Ebooks, OKR Experts, OKR Software, OKR Coaching, OKRs Training

OKR Coaching

2 hours consulting by OKR experts
1 OKR Audit

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Fitbots OKR Software
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OKR Software

50 Licenses free till 31 Dec 2021
Product Support

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I agree to provide feedback in return.

Great, a member from our founding team will get in touch with you in 6-8 hours.
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Fitbots OKR Software

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When does the offer end ?

The offer ends on 31st Dec 2021.

How many feedback calls should we have with your founding team, if we accept the offer ?

We would request at least 2-4 calls apart from coaching calls. The max feedback time we would seek is 2 hours over 3 months. Usually, slack chat works great.

How do we get in touch with customer support ?

You can get in touch using our in app support.

Can I continue to use the software or be part of the program after 31st Dec 2021 ?

Sure, you we have deals for all members who are part of the "Founders Club" program