How Dresma Reduced Feature release TAT from 24 Hours to 6 Hours?

Dresma, chose Fitbots OKRs, with its integrated software and coaching approach, for its ability to create a culture of growth, alignment, and focus. After implementing OKRs they saw a significant improvement in their product development cycle time, image turnaround time, user sign-ups, and customer retention rates.

Key Metrics



Reduction in product
feature release time

6 hrs

Reduction in short image
turn around time


Increase in user sign-ups and
customer retention

Company Overview
The Challenge
The Solution
The Result
Company Overview

Headquarters: Cupertino, USA
Funding Stage: Seed (October 21)
Industry: SaaS

Dresma is building the technologies to support the creation of hyper-interactive, creative content for the metaverse. With AI-powered solutions ‘DoMyShoot’ and ‘DresmaPost’, this company continues to disrupt the way custom content is generated.

With deep insights into the eCommerce content space, the Dresma founders saw a problem that wasn't being addressed: access for all to create good quality visuals to sell their products and services online. Dresma was founded in 2019 with the vision to democratize the creation of visual content in eCommerce.

Together, they have handled more than 5 million images, continuously making their processes more intelligent each day. Dresma customers see value in the quality and consistency of imagery outputs they get.

The Challenge

True to the story of a high-growth organization, Dresma grew from a team of 14 to 50 people in a span of just two months. With such a quick ramp-up, their biggest challenge lay in defining a framework for growth that aligned each individual and team’s personal targets to the overall organizational goals.The three co-founders realized that the company needed a collaborative process for setting and sustaining targets that would result in self-driven teams. With sudden bursts in growth, there was a strong need for a framework that could onboard new team members quickly and align them to the organizational outcomes at scale, so that everyone could contribute to the high-impact metrics.

The Solution

After much thought, the organization chose to go with OKRs to create a culture of growth, alignment, and focus. OKRs became the choice of the company since many newly-hired senior managers brought in their experience of OKRs from previous organizations. Naturally, these leaders became the OKR champions for rolling out OKRs in Dresma, taking the point in setting up the framework to suit the company. This also created a sense of excitement amongst the rest of the team, who were eager to develop a framework that helped them visualize exactly how they impacted company growth.
The integrated approach of software with coaching offered by Fitbots helped Dresma get OKRs right in the first 90 days. The company was able to adapt to the OKRs framework rapidly. Since they were able to see results and improvements in their processes so quickly, it only strengthened their belief that Fitbots and the OKRs framework was the right fit for them, and the results were tremendously good.

"Fitbots has made it very convenient for us to plan our quarterly goals. We are able to effectively prioritize our tasks to achieve the outcomes as a team. By bringing the entire team together on the same platform, we have been able to get into the granularity of each task with the impact they would make on the overall goal. With a single dashboard, the entire organization is apprised of the progress the organization is making. Our Fitbots coach has been a great help and support system. She has guided us through the entire process and helped us adopt the process seamlessly. Highly recommended for Organization Success!"

Nitisha Goyal
Product Manager and OKR Champion, Dresma
The Results

Before OKRs, their typical cycle time for any new product or feature was 12 weeks. Within the first quarter of using OKRs, they reduced the cycle to 4 weeks. There was a similar effect with the turnaround time on images, which was successfully reduced from 24 hours to 6 hours in the same quarter.

user sign-ups and customer retention

Additionally, these changes created a huge impact on user sign-ups and customer retention rates, averaging a 4X increase in both. A by-product of OKRs was a focus on lead indicators that increased the value of Dresma to customers, which simultaneously helped move the lag indicators as well.One must note that the team at Dresma already had a high-growth mindset. Hence, OKRs were an ideal fit to reflect their motivation and dedication to growth. It’s no wonder that they saw amazing results within the first quarter itself.

To learn more about their journey, tune into this podcast with Nishka Sinha, Co-founder and CMO of Dresma, where she talks about OKR adoption and using OKRs to scale. She also reveals the best practices currently used by Dresma to sustain growth with OKRs.

"For us, what really helped to set up the entire OKR process effectively, was working very closely with Fitbots to navigate through the journey. The initial adoption and training process really helped us establish the best practices for us, and I and the managers have really benefited from that training. Weekly check-ins got us into the right momentum of getting cross-functional teams and departments to follow through on what needed to be filled in, in terms of reporting and using the tool effectively"

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